Community Work Skills Manual

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Introduction to Skills Manual 2009

This is the indroduction section for the Skills Manual 2009. You will find the contents list in this section.

Section 1: Community Development Work

This is Section 1 of the Skills Manual 2009: Community Development Work

Section 2: Getting to Know Communities

This is section 2 of the Skills Manual 2009: Getting to Know Communities

Section 3: Identifying Needs

This is Section 3 of the Skills Manual 2009: Identifying Needs

Section 4: Getting People Together

This is section 4 of the Skills Manual 2009: Getting People Together

Section 5: Virtual Communities

This is section 5 of the Skills Manual 2009: Virtual Communities

Section 6: Working Together Effectively

This is section 6 of the Skills Maual 2009: Working Together Effectively

Section 7: Campaigning and Lobbying

This is section 7 of the Skills Maual 2009: Campaigning and Lobbying

Section 8: Learning

This is section 8 of the Skills Maual 2009: Learning

Section 9: Developing Organsiations

This is section 9 of the Skills Maual 2009: Developing Organisations

Section 10: Partnership Working

This is section 10 of the Skills Maual 2009: Partnership Working

Section 11: Evaluation

This is section 11 of the Skills Manual 2009: Evaluation